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The Sabbats

Here are the eight major sabbats of the year. If you search around a bit you will find some rituals for celebrating these, or try to come up with a ritual that suits you.

Candlemas: February 2 (Imbolic, Oimelc, or Lady Day)

Spring Equinox: First day of Spring (Vernal Equinox, Festival of the Trees, Alban Eilir, Ostara, or the rite of Eostre)

Beltane: May Eve and May 1st (May Day, Rood Day, Rudemas, or Walpurgisnacht)

Summer Solstice: First day of Summer (Midsummer, Alban Hefin, or Litha)

Lammas: August 1st (August Eve or the First Festival of Harvest)

Autumn Equinox: First day of Fall (Fall Sabbat, Mabon, Alban Elfed, or the Second Festival of Harvest)

Samhain Sabbat: October 31st (Halloween, Hallowmas, All Hallow's Eve, All Saint's Eve, Festival of the Dead, or the Third Festival of Harvest)

Winter Solstice: First day of Winter (Yule, Alban Arthan, Winter Rite, or Midwinter)