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Greek Dieties
Greek Goddesses and Gods

I have always liked studying the Greek deities they have always held a certain fascination for me, therefore I would have to say they are my personal favorites.

Aphrodite: Goddess of Love, Beauty and Fertility. Daughter of Ouranos born out of the sea at Paphos. Wife of Hephaistos and lover of Ares, Dionysus and Adonis. Won the Beauty contest judged by Paris.

Apollo: God of Prophecy, Archery and Music. Son of Zeus and the Titaness Leto. Twin brother Artemis. Father of Asclepius. Killed the earth serpent Python and gained his seat as an oracle, but forced by Zeus to serve Mortal men as a penance.

Ares: War God of Fickle nature. Son of Zeus and Hera. Father of Phobos "panic" and Demos "fear" who accompanied him onto the battle Field. Lover of Aphrodite.

Artemis: Virgin Goddess of the Wild. Twin sister of Apollo and Daughter of Zeus and Leto.

Asclepius: God of Healing. Son of Apollo and the Lake nymph Coronis. Removed from the corpse of his mother who had died from a disease sent by Artemis as a punishment for being unfaithful to Apollo. Killed by Zeus for raising the dead.

Athena: Virgin Goddess of War and Crafts. Daughter of Zeus and the Titaness Metis. Born out of the Head of Zeus fully Grown. Patron of Athens.

Demeter: Goddess of vegetation and fruitfulness. Daughter of Cronos and Rhea and Mother of Persephone.

Dionysus: God of Vegetation, Wine and Ecstasy. Son of Zeus and Semele. The bull horned god.

Eos: Winged Goddess of Dawn. Daughter of the Titan Hyperion and Theia. Rides across the sky just before sunrise in a chariot pulled by her horses Shiner and Bright.

Eros: God of Love and Companion of Aphrodite.

Hades: God of the Underworld Son of Cronos and Rhea. Abducted Persephone to be his bride.

Hecate: Goddess of farming during the day and Witchcraft, Ghosts, and Tombs at night. Descended from the Titans.

Helios: Sun God. Son of the Titan Hyperion. Often equated with Apollo.

Hephaistos: Smith God. Son of Zeus and Hera and husband of Aphrodite. Lame in one Leg.

Hera: Supreme Goddess. Daughter of Cronos and Rhea and Wife of Zeus.

Hermes: Messenger god. Son of Zeus and Maia and lover of Aphrodite. Said to guide the dead to Hades.

Hestia: Goddess of Hearth.

Pan: God of Mountainsides and Pastures of sheep and goats. Son of Hermes. A playful, energetic but irritable god who is famous for his reed pipes.

Poseidon: Sea God. Son of Cronos and Rhea. Associated with Horses and Bulls. Married to the Sea Nymph, Amphirite and lover of Medusa.

Selene: Moon Goddess.

Silenus: Goat like God of Pastures. Son of Hermes or Pan and Companion of Dionysus. Said to have given King Midas his golden touch.

Zeus: Supreme God. Son of Cronos and Rhea and Husband to Hera. Associated with Thunder and Lightening.


Information from Encyclopedia Mythica (Found on Black Raven's Wiccan Page)