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Celtic Dieties
Goddesses and Gods

This is a collection of the Celtic Goddesses and Gods. I will have more cultures soon, so check back often.

Celtic Deities

Dagha The All Father:  Many Talented and Powerful, Master of the harp and possessor of a dread double ended club.

Danu The Red Mother of All:  Major Mother Goddess of Ireland, Mother of the Gods and Patroness of wizards, rivers, water, wells, prosperity and plenty, Magic and Wisdom. Danu is one of a Triad of War goddesses know collectively as the MorrighanBadbGoddess of WarMachaMacha the Crow. The Third of the Triad of War goddesses known as the Morrighan, Macha feeds on the heads of Slain Enemies.

MedbMedb the Drunken Woman:   A Goddess of War.

Aine Goddess of the Hidden paths in the realms of the Western ocean.

Aonghus God of Youth Banbha, Fodhla.

Eriu The Goddess of Sovereignty.

Nuadhu The King and Battle Leader:   Possessor of the Magic Sword of Findias.

Brighid Bhoidheach The Tutelary Goddess of the Gaelic Peoples of the Western Isles.

LughIs a Sun God and a Hero God, Young , strong and Radiant with hair of gold. Master of all arts, skills and crafts.

Mannan Mac LyrChief Irish God of the Sea.

Cernunnos Known to all Celts as the "Horned God". God of Nature, Virility, Fertility, Animals, Sex, Reincarnation and Shamanism.

Morrighan The Dark Aspect of the Celtic Triple Goddess.

Ogma The Sun Faced One: The God of Wisdom, Eloquence and Language.