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About Me
This is a page that I have been putting off till the end, because I really have no idea what to say about myself.

To start off I was born in North Carolina way back in 1966, boy that sounds like a long time ago doesn't it? My family moved back and forth from there to Virginia where we finally stayed. I graduated from High School there and spent a year in college before I decided to join the US Navy in 1985. I served as a corpsman (nurse) until 1988 and I can honestly say the best thing that came out of it was when I met and married my husband.  

We moved to his hometown and have been here since 1988. We have only in the past year started our studying of Wiccan traditions and practices, although we have both been reading and studying the Tarot cards for about six years now.  I have always known that I was different as far as religion goes, I used to attend church, but never felt quite right going there, it was as if I didn't belong there somehow. I know that sounds odd, well maybe not, but I believe my calling was even then leaning towards the Craft. So I have done some pretty heavy reading, and I was right it was as if I had come home.

This path may or may not be the right one for you, but please try to practice some understanding before you condemn someone just because their religion is different from yours. We are NOT evil and we do not practice evil. There are those out there that practice this, but not the Wiccan, we are earth based (you know nature, that kind of thing) we have all taken the vow to Harm None. We do not believe in Heaven or Hell so how can we worship the Devil?

Well I guess that is all I have to say for now, hope you weren't too bored (he!he!).  

           Till we meet again, Brightest Blessings to you all.   

                                              Lady Kadriya